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At CIA, we understand tradies. For more than 30 years, we’ve helped provide every trade with the cover they need and achieve the competitive premiums and we do it all without the paperwork headaches. CIA make sure you get the best deal on the right cover for your trade, for your work vehicles and tools and if you need to claim it is handled by our professional team. So don’t do it yourself let us give you peace of mind. We represent your interests in a claim, not the insurers.

There’s many reasons why you should have insurance, but the most important reason is that it protects you and your family against serious financial hardship.

Any tradie will tell you that ‘risk’ is a reality on the job, but aside from loss of business to competitors there’s a host of other problems that could put a dent in even the most successful business.

It is so important that you have the right insurance protection so in the event something does go wrong you can continue to run your business despite the setback. Another significant advantage of trade insurance is that premiums are tax-deductible, provided that those premiums go towards protecting your business’s ability to earn income. You are also able to claim a “partial or full credit for the GST included in the premium”, according to the Australian Taxation Office*.

*For more details talk to your accountant.

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