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Why go to multiple websites when you can compare hundreds of insurers and thousands of insurance policies through us? It’s a one-stop-shop for all your business insurances. Over 30 years experience and we represent you independently in all matters including claims.

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Need to understand more about Business Cover?

If you want to understand your cover and options then talk to us. Many businesses have the wrong cover. Proper business insurance covers property risks, loss of income after a claim, liability, theft, professional risks including cyber risks and more. We take the time to analyse your business and advise on the cover you need.
What would happen if your premises were destroyed? Not only would you lose your physical assets but your cashflow would also stop. With proper business cover which includes business interruption you are fully protected in all these areas.

Remember we are on your team and independently represent you not insurers.

There’s many reasons why you should have business insurance, but the most important reason is that it protects your business against serious financial hardship.

Any business owner will tell you that ‘risk’ is a reality of owning your own business, but aside from loss of business to competitors there’s a host of other problems that could put a dent in even the most successful enterprises.

It is so important that you have the right insurance protection so in the event something does go wrong you can continue to run your business despite the setback. Another significant advantage of business insurance is that premiums are tax-deductible, provided that those premiums go towards protecting your business’s ability to earn income. You are also able to claim a “partial or full credit for the GST included in the premium”, according to the Australian Taxation Office*.

*For more details talk to your accountant.

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